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146 registered Authors have written 504.61 Thousand words in 1.78 Thousand Races on WriterSprints!

Doing writing sprints with fellow authors is a great way to boost productivity, avoid procrastination and exceed your daily word count goals. Plus it adds a fun, social aspect to writing. But you can’t always meet up with a bunch of writers in real life, and keeping track on Facebook loses the immediacy and accountability. So we made a simple tool you can use to race against other writers. The public visibility will add constant pressure for you to increase your output.

Join the game, then just keep writing until you claim that #1 slot.


The tool only counts what you’ve written in the last 15 minutes to keep things fair.

Join the game, set a timer for 20 minutes, and write as much as you can.

Invite your friends to play with you, so after you win you can gloat on Facebook.

The point of writer sprints is to keep moving forward, so don't worry about editing... just write as much as you can. When you're finished you can download the text file and add it to your manuscript.

Join the game now to see who's online!

We have lots of ideas for WriterSprints.com, including private games and custom avatars. Eventually we'd like it to be like Mario Cart, where writers can set a word count goal and race to the finish line – maybe even snatching up special bonuses they can use to slow down their competition. If you see the potential and want to unlock more features, please share this site with your writing buddies.

The more people who play, the more features we’ll add!